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Discover the charm of Genoa from the other side of the harbour, where you will find the best views and also an incredible area to rest and leisure.
Columbus Sea Hotel is located only a few metres away from the Genoese harbour, a perfect place to leisurely stroll and behold the architectural wonders of the city, since both Genoese life and architecture revolve around maritime trade.
Genoa is the capital of the Liguria region, one of the most authentic and full of history areas of Italia. This is one of the biggest cities of Italia and has the most important port not only at a national level, but also within the Mediterranean region.
In Genoa, you will find amazing architectural landmarks dated many centuries back such as, for example, the house where Christopher Columbus was born, the square Piazza di Ferrari, San Lorenzo cathedral, the towers of Porta Soprana, or several palaces of the city, which for the most part are placed in Via Garibaldi (which has been declared UNESCO world cultural heritage site).
Nevertheless, the range of museums and cultural events may even overshadow the architectural magnificence of the city. This fact is evidenced by, for example, the Aquarium of Genoa, which is the second largest aquarium in Europe.